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Tekann is a software house with more than 15 years of experience. Our solutions are present inside and outside Brazil. We are your ideal partner for digital businesses. From idea to solution. Expertise, Agility and Technology are our drivers of innovation, components that allow us to help in the process of building new businesses.

Do you want to get your idea off the ground, but don't know where to start?

Come with us. We help you get your idea off the ground, we structure the construction of the project from idea to the development of the solution in a personalized way, through agile methodologies and a dedicated multidisciplinary team, always focused on success.

We all know that an idea is the sum of experience and information. What we do is to help you highlight the various characteristics of your idea, so as to turn it into a good business solution.

In this process, there is a universe that separates the idea from the solution, an extremely complex path and it is in this route that we will help you. We weaved the path to be followed in this journey until the delivery of the solution.

Idea / Inspiration

At this starting point, we help you to check the needs and / or opportunities of the idea to become a good business. For this we do the translation and definition of the problem to be solved by the solution. We analyze the positive impact on society and environment. In this way, we are able to define together whether your idea generates change. Change in the way of doing an activity, or for a less unequal society, or for a different form of culture, or for a different kind of art, or for a different way of disseminating, among others.


We do research to gather information about the problem and solution. With the information collected we will have the necessary insights to build the solution.
The survey can be done in the form of market research, questionnaires and interviews. Thus, we can evaluate the market’s need, acceptance of the proposed idea to the identified needs and the public’s view of the solution.


We execute the development of the solution. The planned and scheduled steps are implemented.


We use the agile methodology, so we accelerate deliveries during the development of the project, we split the whole into incremental deliveries, we work in self-organized teams and we use Collective Intelligence, with multidisciplinary teams, to achieve the goal established at each stage – which we call Sprint in the Scrum Agile Methods, until the final conclusion of the total project delivery.

How we can help

Outsourcing Services

We operate with personalized development according to the objectives and needs of the project. Enabling problem solving through precise applications, optimizing the performance of organizational processes and systems.

Remote Outsourcing

Remote outsourcing is a type of software development that is not tied to the scope and does not work by sprints or steps. The team provides remote service. In other words: the chosen and managed team is not allocated on the client's premises.

Presential Outsourcing

Multidisciplinary team selected, managed and dedicated to developing your solution.

About us

How we develop

We were born more than 15 years ago. In our ‘DNA’ is the development of corporate solutions, in which we have extensive experience.

From traditional to innovator

We seek greater proximity with environments of innovation and knowledge sharing, thus adding more value to the developed solutions.

We are present and consolidated in the world technological market. Our apps are used in more than 20 countries on all continents and translated into more than 10 languages. Our know-how was at the most famous innovation pole in the world: Silicon Valley, California.

Development is part of our expertise and innovation is present in our way of thinking. We always intended to be a reference with equipment connected to the internet. We understand that technology needs to not only to facilitate, but solve a problem. We know that new times call for new solutions.

Therefore, it is always necessary to innovate. It was in this context that our Spin-offs emerged. In other words, our new businesses, which answers to different demands from Tekann’s main activity.

We want to leave a legacy for society.

Tekann’s Spin-offs

Active listening is the path to successful new projects. In keeping this listening channel open with customers, Data4Comapany was born. The solution arose from a need raised by a customer and became a product.

A single solution capable of supporting at different stages of your business, facilitating and speeding up the collection, interpretation and management of data.

The corporate platform to manage, interpret and apply data collections on mobile devices.

Through Data4Company and its customizable features, the user will be able to assemble their forms visually and intuitively, ensuring flexibility and productivity.

Data4Company offers a wide variety of components that can be combined according to the needs of each customer.

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A project that came from a customer’s need and became a product.

In mid-2014, one of our customers sought to have greater control over the waste collections that his company made, because, in the manual process he had been using, the information ended up getting lost.

At Tekann, we decided to do market research, which showed us that this was an opportunity, as there was still no solution to solve the problem.

In 2015, we started the challenge of developing the project that started focused on the needs of this client and with the progress it was expanded.

In 2016, we participated in an entrepreneurship program at Stanford University, California, in the United States, where we had the confirmation that meuResíduo, our solution that helps companies in monitoring the path of their waste to their destination – all in compliance with the law, was born to solve the problem of many companies and help the planet.

With the project well orientated, we started our participation in acceleration processes of startups. In 2019, we received acceleration at Ambev. We participated in the Inovativa Impacto as well. It took several processes to get here and thus become qualified and be able to deliver the management solution with features that contribute to the conscious future, where the waste cycle is organized and transparent.

Today there are more than 30 customers.

More than 240 thousand collections were made with the help of the platform.

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The world we want is made up of people and companies that respect the environment. For this reason, more and more, we seek to help with solutions that facilitate this path.

With the achievement and success in the development of the project meuResíduo, focused on the needs of companies, we realized that individuals also had the same problem when disposing their waste. With our expertise developed with meuResíduo, we decided to create a solution for individuals.

Following the path of meuResíduo, we developed, in partnership with the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (UNISC), a solution for final consumers: EcoMind, an app that shows collection points for specific disposal items, such as batteries, electronics, gravel, old furniture, medicines, glass, plastics and other materials that impact the environment. EcoMind indicates the ideal places to the dispose of that waste that you do not know what to do. And that can contaminate rivers and soils if disposed of in the wrong way.

We want the solution to go beyond what it proposes. The idea is to encourage the population to collaborate with the app. We are working with the concept of gamification, which will generate points for those people who correctly discard and still map new collection points. Soon, the solution will be available. We are in the monitoring phase of the collection points in all Brazilian cities.

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The app that connects you, lawyer, or your law office to your client

The meuJurídico application arose from the need to promote more available time for the attorney’s daily life and the desire to offer quick and practical solutions to clients, so they can consult in real time and schedule meetings with the attorney in just a few minutes

– Integration with your office software;

– Real-time information;

– Agility and practicality in customer service;

– Less worrying and more time available to you.

Have you ever thought about what we can do together?